We all know that lingerie refers to a category of women’s clothing, but there’s so much more to be explored about this exciting realm. For instance, who invented the sexy teddy? Where did bras come from? Here are some tidbits of information that’ll shed light on how intriguing the world of lingerie is.

The French Meaning

Though lingerie is primarily advertised to women, in France, lingerie doesn’t discriminate against gender. It applies to both men and women because it simply means undergarment. Unlike in America, the French haven’t completely sexualized the word.

An Italian Superstition

On New Year’s Eve, Italian women don a particular type of underwear in the hopes that it’ll bring them good luck. Red panties, specifically, are thought to bring good fortune when worn during this beloved celebration.

The Creation Of Corsets

When corsets were first invented, whalebones were used as reinforcements. They were used so much that it almost rendered the baleen whale extinct. Fortunately, something like a Obsessive sexy teddy doesn’t require any bolstering elements.

The Invention Of The Thong

Surprisingly, it was Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor of New York, who came up with the design for thongs. According to him, exotic dancers showed too much skin. As an attempt to get them to cover up a little, he proposed the idea of wearing thongs.

Are You Average?

On average, American women have 21 pairs of underwear in their drawer. In other words, they can last three weeks without having to wash their panties. Compared to other countries, this number is high.
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