Spicing up your sex life doesn’t have to be a challenge. Lingerie has time and again proven to be a surefire way to keep things exciting in bed. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to choose a sexy dress, slip, or bustier that your beau will drool over, continue reading.

Keep It Simple

In all likelihood, your man probably won’t notice the intimate details on your lingerie. He’ll be too distracted by how you look in the garment. To ensure that your curves remain the stars of the show, don’t overdo it. A less is more approach bodes well for the best reaction.

Choose A Straightforward Design

The last thing you want in the heat of the moment is a lingerie malfunction. If your sexy dress from shop obsessive or teddy is difficult to get off, it’ll spoil the moment. Ideally, you want your partner to be the one undressing you. To save time and avoid embarrassment, make sure the lingerie doesn’t come with complicated clasps, zippers, or buttons.

Find The Ideal Fit

You don’t want to be adjusting your straps or feeling awkward while getting intimate. With that said, find lingerie that’s breathable and comfortable. If it feels too tight or unusually scratchy, don’t settle. Otherwise, your partner will pick up on how uncomfortable you are.

Select A Sexy Color

Black, white, and red are the most popular color choices. These hues are inherently sexy and won’t distract from your flattering figure. Some lingerie sets can be too loud. To guarantee that your beau hones in our best features, opt for a simple color scheme.

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